6 things to do in home quarantine to make it a happy time.

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Quarantined, socially distanced, and feeling blue? Here’s what to do…

Sleeping late in morning or spending time on Instagram, Facebook and other social apps can’t workout.

People can’t go outside because of the deadly virus known as COVID-19.

People can’t stay for a long time in home and hence leading to spread the virus over all.

WHO and all countries government has declared lockdown to stop the spread of corona virus and we people have to follow the rules else it will never stop the deadly game.

So here are 6 ways, which you can do in quarantine to stay home as well as don’t get bore and make the deadly virus stop and save the world.

As you know condoms are getting out of stock in the whole world, so sex can’t be a good idea.

1. Try new recipes: staying at home can be amazing you can try out new recipes with ingredients available at home. Go out safely in the given time by government and get all things you need for new recipes and fill your home with happiness.

2. Learn new skills: There is a lot to learn in this world. You can learn dancing. You can learn designing, make a website, create a youtube channel, open pages on social media about stuff you find interesting. You can improve your handwriting. You can also learn about Stock marketing and trading. And if you still get more free time then you can also learn new languages. There are many more things to do… just don’t be lazy!

3. Meditation and Exercise: Being for a long time in home quarantine seems boring and you slowly start feeling uneasy. It makes you uncomfortable and disturbs your mind. So you can try Meditation. Meditation increases your grasping power. It helps you to increase your control on your body and mind which will help you to be happy and calm your nerves down. Eating too much food and staying all day in home quarantine will make you fat, so you can also try exercises like pushups, plank, squats, rope skipping, etc.

4. Find health-related information and Stories: Many of us use internet to learn about health and wellness challenges, read others’ stories, or seek out a wellness practitioner. Research suggests that by doing so, we may be able to feel more confident in our decisions and improve our communication with health providers.

5. Pick up a book: research showing reading can be an incredible tool in battling depression, cutting stress and reducing the chances developing Alzheimer’s later in life. Books make us feel more clam and positive while also improving our memory and empathy, aiding in sleep readiness and lowering our blood pressure and heart rate. Across the board, there is no better time to read a book – reduce your screentime by reading a few pages before you go to sleep instead of scrolling through your instagram feed yet another time.

6. Watch out the series and movies: this is the perfect time to binge-watch all our favourite shows which you were not able to, in your past busy months. Ask your friends to suggest you with interesting series or movies. You will be able to learn a lot of things from them. It’s good to take a mental break from all the news about the pandemic.

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