8 ways to naturally boost your immune system.

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

In this pandemic period, we are not only dealing with coronavirus but also a lot of common illnesses. The study says that people having strong immune system tends to fall less sick and even don't get infected by the viruses. And certain cases has found that people with strong immune system overcome the diseases in less time.

Sex: Ya you heard it right sex increases your immune system. Good news for horny and sex addicted. Sex not only feels good. It can also be good for you.

Sex helps in boosting your body's ability to make protective antibodies against bacteria, viruses, and other germs that cause common illnesses

People who also have regular sex tend to fall less sick or take less sick days. Researchers at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania were able to show that college students who had sex once or twice a week had higher levels of a certain antibody compared to students who had less sex or no sex.

Foods: a lot of foods increase or boost our immune system, like Citrus fruits which contain Vitamin C. We can get Vitamin C from lemons, oranges, green chillies and guava etc. There are also some foods which increase your WBC's (white blood cells)like kiwi. Dragon fruit and apple increases your antioxidants.

Fasting: study shows a 72 hours fast complete generates the immune system. The research study shows that fasting makes your body to utilize up stored glucose,fat and ketones. Fasting increases the lose of white blood cells which  in turn restores the immune system  cells.

Always think positive: new study shows that people with positive attitude live better and longer. It also helps to overcome stress, anxiety and anger. Positive attitude attracts people around you. People with positive thinking are usually wealthier than people who don't. Positive thinking keeps you always happy and surrounds you with a positive vibe.

Quit smoking and drinking alcohol: smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol is nowadays a fashion, but its addictive as well as so harmful. Smoking makes your lungs weak and further increases the risk of cancer. Alcohol leads to memory lose, weak body balance and damages liver. Overall it affects your immune system.

Hense, Quit smoking and drinking alcohol can help you in increases your immune system.

Vitamin D: Sunlight is a good source of vitamin D. It makes our bones strong, keeps our skin fresh and overall strengths our muscles. Early morning sunlight is must for our body it gives a positive feeling and a good start for a beautiful day.

Stop eating unhygienic food: eating oily and unhygienic good makes you fat and increase cholesterol level, increasing risk of heart diseases such as heart attack etc. It also overall affect our immune system, breathe gets shorter, we get tired easily making us lazy. In teenagers eating unhygienic food invites pimples and skin problems. So, one must always eat healthy food for a better life. If u can't control, make a cheat day for eating unhealthy food. So, in that way you will be healthy as well as happy and fall less sick.

Meditation and Yoga: meditation increases power and stability of our mind,also increases your patience level which further helps in taking right decisions, like what to eat and what not to. Yoga increases the flexibility of our body and also increases blood circulation which keeps our immunity strong and makes us fall less sick. Meditation and Yoga will help you to fight with many common illnesses.

Keep yourself clean and hygienic: Keeping yourself clean and hygienic is most important because the viruses can go in our stomach if we eat the food with unclean hands hence making our immunity system weak and increasing the chances of getting stomach ache as well as head ache  which further makes us weak and ill giving chances to many certain diseases to attack our body. So, always wash hands with senitizer or soap and take a bath when ever you deal with a inflected person . Being clean and hygienic will increase your immune system.

And always be happy :)

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