Corona virus explained easily :

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Why SARS COVID-19 is spreading so rapidly ?

like everyone, you probably have questions about the Coronavirus.

And one of those questions may be how the virus is able to spread.

one recent study of 1100 patients with COVID-19 found a median period of about 5 days, with more than 97 percent showing symptoms by 11.5 days after exposure to the virus

Here is a mistake which every infected person is doing,

making it to become an uncontrollable virus.

Human-to-human contact is the main method of transmission

for the Coronavirus, lets take an example of John as an infected victim :

John got infected yesterday, but he won’t know until 14 days later.

John thinks he’s healthy and is infecting 10 persons per day.

These 10 persons think they are okay, they travel, go out and infect 100 persons.

These 100 people think they are safe, healthy and keep infecting 1000 people.

No one knows who is safe or who can infect you.

Do you understand why it is important to stay at home?

so take a step, Be responsible. Stay in quarantine.

How to protect yourself

It can be hard to avoid being exposed to the virus, especially when you're often surrounded by other people. but according to the Doctors, there are a number of things you can do to protect yourself.

stand back. try to stay away from people who are coughing or sneezing. at least 3 feet away from people who may be ill.

wash your hands frequently. wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water at least for 20 seconds every time .

use alcohol-based sanitzer .

avoid touching your face. you can easily transmit the virus from your hands to your mouth,nose, or eyes without even realizing it.

stay home. just stay home dont roam without need . be safe be happy.

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