How to prevent corona virus in early stages?

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

WHO has concerned that, when the virus enters your body through mouth or nose, it first starts affecting your throat. There is no vaccine for disease caused by a novel corona virus yet. However, lot of symptoms can be treated.

So here are some home remedies you can try to prevent many of its symptoms. Also don’t forget to concern a doctor immediately.

1. Drink hot liquids: Drink as much warm liquids as you can, because it warms the mucous and take it to the stomach and then gastric juices containing in stomach neutralize it. You can try hot liquids like tea, coffee, haldi water or haldi milk. 2. Gargles: Do gargles daily with salt water or with haldi water or with any antiseptics (like potassium permanganate etc).

3. Immunity: Make your immunity system strong. I will make a separate blog on how to increase your immunity system but for now just try to get vitamin C regularly which you can get through citrus fruits. You can also do exercise and have some sex, sex also increases your immunity. Eat healthy and stay healthy, don’t go for unhealthy food, make healthy meals at home. Always prevent going outside.

4. And the most important thing is whenever you go outside for ATM, grocery or any medicinal, you think everyone sanitize their hands, wear masks and think that everything is under control or they are safe. It’s not that easy, the virus can come on your clothes and also on your hairs. So to prevent it, whenever you come home, don't touch any gate or door , tell your family members to do it for you and directly go to washroom and remove your clothes and soak them in detergent and have a hot shower and wash your hairs as well as whole body.

5. If in case you touch any metallic surface remember that the virus remains on metallic surfaces for 9 hours to 1 day. So regularly spray sanitizers. Whenever you bring any object from outside clean it with sanitizer.

6. Stop eating cold foods: you have to stop eating ice creams as well as cold drinks because they make the virus live long. Eating cold stuff makes a favourable climate for the virus in our body.

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