Foods in our Balanced diet which make our body Disease resistant?

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Disease resistance is the ability to prevent or reduce the presence of diseases present in our body. If a body gets essential nutrients, it becomes disease resistance or it may help in recovering faster.

Benefits of having a balance diet, Balance diet helps in protecting your body and keeps us healthy, sharp and disease free. It also helps in maintaining a healthy weight and height. helps in getting a better sleep and improve brain function. A balance diet supplies our body with all nutrients which our body needs daily.

Foods in our Balanced diet which make our body Disease resistant?

Here are some of the best 7 disease fighting foods given below.  Dark and Leafy greens: Green leafy vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet which include everything from spinach, cabbage, kale and broccoli to coriander. The amazing benefits of getting more greens in our diet are, They are loaded with vitamins, minerals, vitamin C, iron, magnesium and antioxidants. Green leafy vegetables helps in reducing risk of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and mental decline. they make us look and feel younger and also make our skin glow, relives stress and supports brain improvement.

Turmeric: Turmeric is a best disease resistance. It helps our body to fight against cough and cold by improving our immune system. Turmeric has healing properties. It can help to fight inflammation as its anti-inflammatory and many more chronic diseases. turmeric is used in many skin treatment like acne, pimples or if you get swelling. turmeric also helps in getting relief from depression. Adding turmeric in your food helps in fighting cough, flu and many other diseases.

 Ginger and Garlic: Eating garlic and ginger helps us when we are sick (against flu, high cholesterol, and all others), Ginger is good for digestion and garlic is a blood purifier.  They also help keep parasites out of the body and help cleanse the system. They help keep the body alkaline rather than acidic which is crucial to staying disease free and free of illness like colds and flu.

Fruits: Fruits contains fibre which is important for our body to maintain healthy gut and help in digestion process. Fruits contains vitamin C which is a daily need of our body to protect it from diseases. Fruits have zero Cholesterol and are naturally low in fat. Eating fruits maintain blood pressure and also purify our blood and hence keeps us away from diseases.

Juices:  Juices makes our skin healthy. Helps in weight loss, also improves memory  and digestion. Adding avocado and green leafy vegetables in making of juice has a Surprising benefits on our immunity as well as body. Juices may help in fighting cancer and removes toxins from our body. Juices also add extra water to our body, which is extremely important to body.

Dry fruits: Nuts are full of nutrients. They contain high amounts of protein, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre. They are low in calories as well as low in sugar. Raisins purify our blood. Cashew nuts contains zinc which helps in cure pimples and acne. Almonds helps in losing weight and increases brain function. Therefore dry fruits helps in improving our over all healthy and keeps us strong and Sharp. 

Meat products(Salmon fish & eggs) : As you all know Salmon is a best food. The fatty fish is loaded with vitamins  D,A, E and K which can benefit bone joints, eyes, feed the brain, repair muscle and regulate metabolic balance. and also Improves memory. Eggs contains vitamin D, B6 and B12. Eggs are safe to be eaten every day for a healthy person.  It contains zinc, iron and copper which are very beneficial to our skin and body.

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