Coronavirus vaccine: what time it will take?

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

coronavirus vaccine update:

WHO (World health organization) reported 70 vaccines for coronavirus are in development globally with three candidates already been tested in human trial.

testing coronavirus vaccine

Australian scientists have started the first stages of testing for a vaccine for corona, which causes the disease COVID-19..

Experts say it will still take many months to know the vaccines for COVID-19 will work or not.

Scientist believe that India is much ahead in developing a vaccine for the Coronavirus.

Claim- will prepare vaccine by September Researchers at Oxford University claim to have developed the vaccine by September. Institute's virus department professor Sarah Gilbert said 80 percent expect the vaccine to be effective. Its human trials will begin in 15 days. According to the institute, 80-90 per cent of the genetic code of COVID-19 matches the SARS virus, so it will not take long to prepare the vaccine.

No hurry: Baylor University researcher Peter Hotz says that it is not too early to prepare the COVID-19 vaccine and that all tests should be completed in a timely manner and with standards. Because the disease level was further increased during the use of a hastily developed vaccine for SARS-like virus. It took four years before the fastest prepared mumps vaccine was taken from a sample of the virus to the approval of the drug's production in 1967

making corona vaccine

Three important stages of vaccine development There are three important stages in the development of a vaccine. These have been named research, pre-clinical and clinical. There are three types of testing at three laboratory levels and then a human test in three stages.

1. Instructional Identification of the weak link of the virus after the genome decode.

2. Pre-clinical Vaccine testing on animals. The virus samples in animals are seen by whether the virus-producing antibodies are produced in their body.

3. Clinical Development The top vaccine institutes are tested and side effects are studied. Trial test on humans It then begins its human trials on three broad levels. Quality is improved according to the outcome of each stage under the supervision of that country and international institutions.

Vaccines prepared in three ways:

1. Inactivated by viruses In 1955, the polio virus evolved from its dormant virus. As soon as the real polio virus attacks, its antibodies become active and kill them. 2. With Live Virus  In this, the virus itself is weakened and put into the body as a vaccine, so that it produces antibodies and can prevent the attack of the real virus. Measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, small pox are examples of this.

3. Genetic engineering: genetic engineering is the most advanced and short-lived method of vaccine, in which the vaccine is produced by altering the genetic structure of the virus.

corona vaccine

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